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Prathik Patel

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About this Free Course

This online Spoken English course will introduce you to the basics of communication skills. The course then discusses concepts and the different elements of communication. It will then enrich your knowledge of different professional jargon and teach the correct usage of such words in professional communication. It discusses essential rules of verbal communication and their components with relevant examples. In addition, you will also learn homophones, the correct usage of Also, As well, and Too, and the difference between words like Alone and Lonely. This free course shares the importance of having a solid hold on English vocabulary and having proper pronunciation and vocabulary for some important English words at the end. You will be able to equipped with the best skills to adapt to professional communication. Once you finish this online Spoken English course, take the quiz and earn a completion certificate. After this Speaking English course, you can learn from a more comprehensive guide to upgrading your English communication skills. Enroll in our professional Management Courses to learn all the essential topics you need to improve your personal and professional communication skills.

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